Here at Galloway Chillies we  like to promote our own products but also the fantastic array of food and drink that is available in the region and slightly further afield. We use Waulkmill, Sulwath and Rock Rose Gin in our preserves and are also delighted that the following businesses use our products in their range.


The Galloway Soup Company

The Galloway Soup Company produces a range of delicious soup using only the finest local ingredients available. We are delighted that they use our products in two of their creations.

Sweet Potato, Coconut & Chilli (v) - quite a bit of chilli is in this, so that it provides a gentle 'kick'. The aim is for you to feel it at the back of your throat, not to blow your socks off!  However, the more you eat the more the chilli builds.

Cream of Butternut Squash & Carrot - with this one the chilli is more for added flavour than the 'kick' which adds a nice edge to the soup.


In House Chocolates

In House Chocolates has built up a reputation for quality and presentation. Gillian Warden who is the owner of In House Chocolates has developed and produced several Gold Award winning chocolates. We were therefore delighted when she approached us about using our Chilli Chocolate Mincemeat in her latest product. You have to try these chocolates as they really are a taste explosion.


Westnewton Charcuterie

Westnewton Artisan Charcuterie are a family run business, who are proud to produce top quality meat products from locally sourced meat. They produce a fantastic range from Salami to Air Dried Ham and we were extremely pleased when they approached us to use our homegrown chillies in part of their range.