It's a wee while since I've blogged so I thought it was about time I put pen to paper or should I say, sit down for a few minutes and type. 

So, what's been happening? Well I suppose the most exciting news to date has been that I received a second place in the World (yes, the world) Hot Sauce competition. I still cannot believe that Chilli Burns did so well over at the judging in Louisiana. I'm rather proud of Chilli Burns and how well it has done since I first came up with the idea of the product. 

Closer to home I've finally purchased a new cover for the Polytunnel and am now just waiting patiently for a warm, wind free day to re-cover it. Surely I'll get one soon. 

As with all growing this year, everything is late due to the weather that we've had this year. Our Dorset Naga's ‚Äčand Orange Habaneros are covered in flowers now though and we have fruit starting to finally appear. The Purple Jalapeños are by far doing the best and they are a fantastic coloured chilli. We grew over 100 varieties this year but besides seven varieties all the rest are for sale at any events we attend. 

Chilli Plants

Chilli Plants

I've also been out and about doing talks: On the 31st July I was up in Edinburgh to do a talk on Galloway Chillies as part of the Food Festival and on the 7th August I visited the Coronation Day Centre in Stranraer to do a talk followed by tastings of our preserves. I'm not the best talker but I am passionate about what I do and I've decided the more I do the better I will get. 

You will also notice some upcoming changes to the website. We're about to remove the Links page but replace it with a Collaboration page, showcasing the many producers that we work with. The Shop has also had some changes with new products added and we are about to review our postage rates to try and reduce the cost to you. 

This wee business has been running for over two and a half years now and during this whole time I've worked full time. However from the 1st August I've taken the plunge to go part time. This will hopefully enable me to build up stock and commit to more events. 

Finally if you would like to win one of our new Fiery Fergus bags then head to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to guess how many Serenade Chillies one of our bags hold. 

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