Giving your bulbs the best start, Dalefoot Bulb Compost is peat free and uses sustainably harvested bracken for high levels of potash with natural free draining properties, promoting strong root growth and feeding your bulbs for two years.

Bulb Compost

Bulb Compost

Bulb Compost is £7.75 per 20 litre bag or £14 for two. Collection is strictly by appointment only and please email us to arrange. Local delivery may also be available but again please email us to discuss.


How to use

Bulbs in pots and containers

Place a layer of crocks at the bottom of your pot or container.
Add a layer of Dalefoot Bulb Compost to a good depth (10cm if possible), to allow good root growth.
Arrange bulbs up to a bulbs distance apart, then add another 10cm layer of Bulb Compost.
Water after planting and continue to water for six weeks after flowering. The compost should feel moist to the touch but not wet.

Bulbs outdoors

Prepare the ground – remove weeds and add Dalefoot Bulb Compost to the planting pit – which should be 3-4 times as deep as the bulb itself.
Cover generously with Bulb Compost.
Mark the place of planting with a beautiful label to prevent disappointment in the future.
If you have squirrels in your garden – plant deeper!

Top Tip – Try layering your bulbs for a beautiful display.

Remember that bulbs with indents e.g. Fritillaria, need to be planted on their side – the stem will find its way up to the light.


NOTE: Always wear gloves when handling natural composts. Store in a cool dry place.