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22 Jan 2015

It's not long now to one of our favourite times of the year. The annual celebration to that great Scottish poet, Robert Burns (1759-1796).

Celebrated on, or around, the Bard's birthday, January 25th, Burns Suppers range from very formal gatherings to the uproariously informal celebratory events. They all try to adhere to the time honoured form which includes the eating of a traditional Scottish meal, the drinking of Scotch whisky, and the recitation of works by, about, and in the spirit of the Bard.

Aye us Scots love to celebrate the life of Robert Burns, every 25 January with Burns Night, an entertaining evening of fantastic food (haggis, neeps and tatties are a must), delectable drams, dancing and rousing verse. Oh and not forgetting all the accompanying laughter and fun.  

It is thought the celebrations were originally started by some of his close friends a few years after his death and now Burns Night is celebrated across the world each year.

So now you know a bit more about Burns Suppers and why we celebrate. It is also due to our national Bard that our Galloway Chillies Hot Toddy was named. Chilli Burns was not named due to the heat, aye it has a wee kick but just enough to gently soothe that nasty cold.

We all hope you have a fantastic time celebrating the life of our national Bard, and hey if you don't have the opportunity to do so then how about treating yourself to a meal of haggis and maybe raise a toast with our Chilli Burns hot toddy. 

Chilli Burns

Chilli Burns

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