Unless you've been hibernating you will have seen the awful weather and the effect it has had on a lot of Cumbria.

I've been unlucky enough to experience flooding first hand and it's an experience I hope never to go through again. Due to this I really do feel the pain of what the people of Cumbria are going through. I also lived in Carlisle the last time it flooded but thankfully I was only without power for a time and escaped the floods. 

I have two very good friends who are currently experiencing this first hand. One not only has been flooded but now has discovered that structural damage has also occurred to his home. The second friend is in Glenridding and I've just seen the news that the village is again flooding due to today's rainfall. 

I really want to do something to help not only these two friends but the rest of the people affected. Therefore 10% of all Galloway Chillies sales for the month of December (both online and at events) will be donated to the Cumbrian Flood Appeal

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