22 Apr 2021

Today is earth day, a day that was first held on the 22 April 1970. It's a day to demonstrate support for environmental protection, promoting clean living and a healthy, sustainable habitat for people and wildlife alike. 

Here at GCHQ we don't just spend one day thinking about this, we believe every day should be like this. In fact I didn't actually realise how much I was doing this until I put a tweet out on Sunday " This weekend stats: 88 panes of glass, one door, four windows, 352 clips, a cut finger, one smashed pane, a few cross words and the last pane of glass is finally in. Not a bad way to get through a weekend. #greenhouses"

Butterfly on Buddleja

Butterfly on Buddleja

This was about the third greenhouse that we finally got erected and already it is full of chillies. We have five greenhouses in total, and two tunnels, all the greenhouses are second hand, as is one of the tunnels. We only buy new when we have to and would much prefer to recycle whenever we can. In this last year I have managed to gain one greenhouse plus enough glass for one and a half greenhouses that I have secured second hand. One persons waste is another man's treasure, has never been a truer saying and one that we believe in wholeheartedly. A lot of the containers we use are also second hand from local farms, they are used on the farms as they contain livestock supplements but once empty they are left with empty containers to dispose off but they make great plant pots. Yes, maybe they are plastic but we've just ensured they aren't single use but multiple use.

We don't buy anything containing plastic for the business unless there is no other option. And any plants that you will buy from us this year will be in coir pots and peat free compost (we use Dalefoot Compost - made from sheep wool and bracken).

These are just small steps but something that everyone can do, so please think before you buy. And remeber earth day shouldn't be just about one day!

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