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08 Feb 2016

Hello everyone and apologies as it has been quite a while since I last wrote something. I however have really got into blogging again and started a personal one, Scots Lass Shenanigans. But that is no good for all my chilli customers, so I shall resolve to be more proactive and try write more on this one too. 

So what has been happening in the world of Galloway Chillies? As well as my day job and running this business, I've embarked on the Scottish Enterprise Rural Leadership Programme which began in October. I am now well through this course with only one more trip and the awards lunch to go. I have found it a fantastic course, not only in increasing my confidence but also the new friends and contacts that I have made. We all have different roles throughout the rural sector in Scotland but have now created a fantastic network with one and other.

As its now February, the chilli growing season is well under way. Most of the super hot seeds have been planted and are sitting all snuggly in the Vitopod. In fact I have to say with the recent weather we've been having I'm rather jealous of them. 

Aye, the weather has been horrendous and the poor poly tunnel is damaged beyond repair this time. It might seem harsh but we've left the rips the way they are as the wind is now blowing through the tunnel and it hasn't been damaged any further. Thankfully I bought a new cover last year so we can re-cover in the Spring.

wind damage to tunnel

wind damage to tunnel

I've also been evaluating events and markets that we attend and you will see from our calendar (once updated) that there will be quite a few changes to where you can find us this year. I'm sorry if we won't be attending events near you but our stockists are continuing to increase and all our products are available online. 

Well that's it for now. Till the next time. 

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