At Galloway Chillies, we care about what and how we grow. We very rarely buy new, we are peat free, we are phasing out our plastic  use and are currently working on a very exciting new project that will tick the circular economy and sustainability boxes. 

Would you like to know more? Well, keep on reading.



Our Greenhouses / Tunnels

We have five greenhouses in total, and two tunnels, all the greenhouses are second hand, as is one of the tunnels. We only buy new when we have to and would much prefer to recycle whenever we can. In the last 24 months I have managed to gain one greenhouse plus enough glass for one and a half greenhouses that I have secured second hand. One persons waste is another man's treasure, has never been a truer saying and one that we believe in wholeheartedly.

Our Compost

We love Dalefoot Compost, we started using it in 2021 and the chillies and herbs thrived on it. Normally I need to feed the chilli plants but in the first year of using it the plants received no feed and produced a fantastic amount of fruit due to the nutrients in the compost. What makes this compost so special is that it is produced from sheep wool and bracken, and it is located not far from us as it is made in Cumbria. We in fact love it so much that we are also stockists of this fantastic compost. So please do give us a shout if you are interested in using it.

"This quality British compost is peat free, organic and sustainable. As awareness of the environmental impact of using peat grows, more people are looking to peat free alternatives such as these. Peat harvesting is not only unsustainable but also damaging to the environment as peat stores vast amounts of CO2, more than any of the world’s forests.

We also have three compost bins and even a wormery which provide even more compost for the plants and garden.

Rain water harvesting

You would think it was raining water butts here, as they are all around GC HQ. But we try to use harvested rain water as much as we can and very rarely to we need to turn on the water tap. All our sheds have guttering on them that lead in to butts and there are another three around the house that harvest our rain water. 



Galloway Chillies is a business passionate about sustainability and looking after our Environment and that commitment has been acknowledged by the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere. Biospheres are the only internationally recognised ‘badge’ for demonstrating excellence in sustainable development.