Hello, Happy New Year and welcome to my first blog of 2014. I hope you all had a great time over the festive season. I can’t believe we are nearly half way through January already.

I am hoping to be able to stick to a New Years resolution and blog once a week. So this is week one and what a week it’s been. I returned to my day job on Monday. This day turned out to be the highlight of the week but not because of the day job or that fact that I had some chilli seedlings starting to appear. On Monday evening myself and four other tweeters hosted #ScotFood hour (from Dumfries and Galloway/Borders) on Twitter. It was the first of the once a month hours for this year and what an hour it was. Not only did we have a fabulous amount of people joining in but we also trended which is an amazing feat on Twitter.

The rest of my week turned out to be quite good too. I finalised the details of stepping in to manage a stand with an exhibitor at the Scottish Speciality Food Show as he was unable to man his stand on the final day due to other pressing commitments. I am so looking forward to doing this with a great product.

Which brings us today. The day started with waiting patiently for a delivery of some new fruit trees and bushes his morning. These plants will join my growing collection, the fruits of which will be used in my preserves. After the delivery I had a meeting with a local shop about the possibility of using our preserves in their establishment. It was lovely to sit and discuss not only our products but also their plans for this coming year over a lovely cup of coffee.

So that is us nearly at the end of another week. This weekend I will be planting more seeds, re-potting some other plants and experimenting in the kitchen.

Have a lovely weekend.

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