Perfect for "grow your own" organic vegetables, salad and fruit in an allotment, raised beds, containers or windowsill. Now with added Comfrey! – the organic gardeners best friend – a ‘dynamic accumulator’ packed with nutrients is added into the Wool Compost range. Comfrey's ‘Bocking 14’ variety has high levels of potassium, phosphorous & nitrogen for healthy plant growth, larger flowers & bigger crops.

  • Reduced watering
  • Feeds throughout the growing season
  • Peat-free
  • Soil Association approved
Wool Compost for Vegetables and Salads

Wool Compost for Vegetables and Salads

Wool Compost for Vegetables and Salads is £9.00 per 30 litre bag or £16 for two. Collection is strictly by appointment only and please email us to arrange. Local delivery may also be available but again please email us to discuss.